Refreshingly Odourless Fish Oil

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Ocean Health is including in their range of high quality Omega-3 products the new Odourless Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement! It is infused with refreshing lemon and encapsulated in a vanilla flavoured soft gel, so that consumers can enjoy health benefits for their heart, brain, eyes and joints, odour free!


Benefits of Fish Oil from Smaller Fishes


Smaller fish actually produce fish oils of better quality compared to bigger fish as they accumulate less toxins and pollutants due to their shorter lifespan and have a higher concentration of Omega-3.


Why Does Fish Oil Freshness Matter?


\Storing fish oil properly is imperative as ensures that it is at its optimal quality. When fish oil is exposed to oxygen, heat or sunlight, oxidation tends to occur. Consequently, the oil loses its freshness. Consumption of oxidised rancid fish oil can have serious effects on one’s health, such as an increase in radical activity in one’s body, as well as harmful plaque build-up in our arteries.

Peroxide values (PV) are used as measurement of fish oil oxidation, where lower PV levels indicate fresher fish oil. Every batch of Ocean Health No. 1 Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements goes through stringent testing for peroxide values, ensuring its safety and quality.


Health Benefits

Heart Health: Increases good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Brain Health: Improves focus, speeds up thinking and slows down decline of one’s brain

Eye Health: Lubricates eyes and prevents dry eyes syndrome

Joint Health: Improves joint discomfort and inflammation


Despite having knowledge about the benefits of fish oil to one’s health, many consumers avoid taking fish oil supplements due to their fear of the odour that fish oil supplements have. Consequently, they miss out on an essential nutrient that our body needs but cannot make; Omega-3 fatty acids.


Singapore’s No. 1* Omega-3,

now in a new odourless formula with refreshing lemon flavour.

Ocean Health’s No. 1* Omega 3 Fish Oil has just gotten better with an odourless formula infused with natural lemon flavour. It locks in the freshness and locks out the odour to help you get EPA and DHA fatty acids without worry of fishy aftertaste. Enjoy health benefits for your heart, brain, eye and joints, odour-free!

  • Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Level
  • Enhances Brain Function and Memory
  • Alleviates Dry Eyes Syndrome
  • Promotes healthy Joints