Do You Trust The Source of Your Omega-3?
For something that is consumed on a daily basis for its healthful benefits, not many think of the origin of the fish oil supplements that sit innocuously on their kitchen counters. However, studies have come to show that fish oil supplements with its quality compromised can pose harmful health effects which defeats the purpose of taking the supplements altogether. Fish oil has a highly unstable chemical nature and oxidizes easily, producing peroxides which contribute to unpleasant odours and a strong, fishy smell. Fish oils which are exposed to oxygen, heat and sunlight are prone to oxidation, causing it to lose its freshness. Peroxide values (PV) are used as measurement of fish oil oxidation, thus lower PV levels indicate fresher fish oil.

Is Your Fish Oil Rancid?
Taking fish oil supplements is known to be beneficial for overall health, but what happens when you consume fish oil with its freshness compromised? When consumed, the rancid oils may cause adverse health effects, increasing free radical activity in the body. Instead of protecting your heart, these oils may even cause harmful plaque build-up in the artery over time.

Freshness Assured, Quality Ensured.
We believe that our customers deserve only high quality products, which is why Ocean Health’s No.1 Omega 3 Fish Oil is sourced from MEG-3™. Derived from small, Omega-3 rich coldwater ocean fish (including anchovies and sardines), the fish oils are molecularly distilled to reduce the already low level of environmental contaminants such as heavy metals and mercury for safety, in compliance with global quality and purity standards. MEG-3™ fish oils are the world’s only to receive USP (United States Pharmacopeia) dietary supplement ingredient verification. Besides being naturally low in environmental pollutants, small fishes such as anchovies also contain a high percentage of Omega-3 concentration compared to tuna and salmon. Every batch of Ocean Health No.1 Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements go through stringent testing for peroxide values to ensure product safety and quality.

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