“Did I leave the stove on? Was the air-con on when I left? 

Where did I place my keys?” 

Do these questions frustrate you from time to time? 

Being part of the ageing population in Singapore, many of us are concerned about age-related cognitive decline and its effects on our lives and social relationships.
While it is difficult to know if it is just simple forgetfulness or something more worrying, it is important to nourish 
our brain before the signs set in.




This concern has evoked innovation at Ocean Health – a trusted Singapore brand known for its No.1* Omega-3 Fish Oil. 

In May, Ocean Health will be launching a new product containing a synergistic blend of Coconut Oil and Omega 3 Fish Oil to support memory function.
This Coco Omega™Memory Formula is the first of its kind in Singapore and Asia, combining the nutritional goodness of the superfood coconut with trusty DHA,
which is clinically proven to nourish the brain. 



Our brain utilizes glucose from food to keep it ticking!

It loses the ability to do so as we age, resulting in cognitive decline as our brain needs a continuous source of energy to function normally. To preserve optimal memory function, coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which can be easily broken down to rapidly become an alternative source of energy for the brain.

Research has also suggested that MCT is preferred as fuel by brains suffering from
Alzheimer’s and dementia.


  • DHA plays a critical role in healthy brain development so much that it has become a staple ingredient in infant milk formulas. 

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA is vital to maintaining a healthy structure and functioning of the brain. Studies suggest that DHA may have protective benefits against age-related memory problems. 

  • People of all ages can benefit from DHA intake as it protects healthy brain function across all stages of life.