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Vitamins and minerals are important for the body to work properly, for example in energy production, building a strong immune system, repairing body tissues and keeping bones and teeth healthy. The best way to get your vitamins and minerals is through a balanced diet, but sometimes life and its demands get in the way and your body ends up bearing the brunt of it.



Poor diet choices

Picky eaters, we’re looking at you. You love yourprocessed food from your favourite hawker stalls. Your taste buds may be agreeable, but you are not doing your body any favours in the long run. Fruit and vegetables and whole grains are chock full of vitamins and minerals and are essential for a healthy body so you may not be meeting your nutritional requirements if you consistently exclude them from your diet.


Irregular meals

Do you adhere to regular mealtimes, ensuring that you have a balanced diet for each meal? Or do you sometimes skip meals when you don’t feel hungry? If you don’t take regular meals, you are at risk of fatigue, poor mental function and other health concerns due to nutrient deficiency. Research has also shown that mealskippers snacked more on junk food and gravitated towards high-calorie options. This means lower nutrient intake for your body, resulting in poor health.



Are you eating right for your age? According to Ms. Che Wen Qi, an accredited nutritionist with Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association, as we age, our dietary requirements change. As we get older, our bodies produce less stomach acid which is required for efficient absorption of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 maintains a healthy nervous system; too little and you may experience a decline in memory and cognitive functions. For women especially, if you are over 55, you need to load up on calcium and vitamin D, which can help to combat osteoporosis. Don’t forget vitamins E and C, both powerful antioxidants that can protect against diseases of aging such as dementia and cataracts.

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