The modern woman is a manager, a mother, a wife, a good daughter  and much more. Women do not have one role to play these days. Rather, they have to be involved in a number of tasks and be in different situations, some stressful, while some depressing.

It is therefore important to have a healthy diet in order to make sure that you as a woman can cope up with all the challenges of the day.


Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)EPO comes from the evening primrose plant and is by far the most significant nutrient that your body needs if you are to perform all the functions effectively.

o   It prevents skin disorders such as acne, eczema etc.

o   It also helps against leg pain which is essential as most your work involves walking

o   It is very beneficial in terms of helping you in losing weight

o   It contributes toward better management of the monthly cycles

o   It gives your hair a bright sheen

o   The oil keeps the skin moisturized and nails strong


However, a busy mom surely needs more than just extra supplements. A diet of a healthy mom should span across all the three meals of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The breakfast has to highly nutritional and can include oatmeal, boiled eggs along with cereals. It is not a bad idea to have different types of fruits as well.

As far as lunch is concerned, vegetables can be a good choice such as spinach which is high in calcium. A serving of chicken or meat is highly recommended to keep up your protein levels as well. Dinner, on the other hand, may consist of food that again provides you with your daily protein, calcium and vitamins requirements. Beans, sweet potatoes etc. can be very helpful in this respect.
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