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It is not uncommon nowadays to see young adults working all day and having no time to exercise. The 9-5 working class is indeed in a serious dilemma. They simply cannot divide their time between work and exercise. The weekends in which they do have some time to go out and breath in fresh air, is almost consumed up by those long hour sleeps with the rest of the day being spend doing house chores. Such a sedentary lifestyle in the weekends along with the hectic schedule of the working days are sure to put one’s health under threat.

People today are becoming more concerned about their jobs and are completely overlooking the importance of a healthy meal and appropriate nutrition. Fast food intake has increased drastically due to the lack of time – the time required to prepare food at home. As such, despite eating so much of these types of food, people feel fatigued as if they had very low energy levels. This is perhaps the very reason of the prevalence of various health related diseases, most prominent of them being obesity.

Nevertheless, a proper timetable can help you prevent from falling into the trap of this vicious health circle.

  • Have a balanced lifestyle it is important to find the right balance in your life. Instead of sitting on the couch in front of the TV on weekends, spend your time out. Get some walk in the park, jog with your kids of friends, take up cycling perhaps.

  • Avoid fast food – although this may be quite difficult, it is not so if you schedule everything. Take some time before you go to sleep to prepare the next day’s meal. It does not have to be something sophisticated, but just a simple sandwich. It is much better than the high calorie burgers you eat at these fast food outlets.

  • Taking supplements – it is not a bad idea to take some supplements to add some necessary nutrients in your diet. Some of them may include:

  • Multivitamins such as buffered C or B complex

  • Antioxidant formulae.


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These tips and techniques can help you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.