Just like other muscles in your body, your brain is a muscle that grows and improves with exercise. As such, it is vital that you perform regular exercise, both mental and physical to improve your brain and memory. 



Furthermore, research shows that individuals who take part in regular exercises significantly reduce the risk of developing diseases such as dementia. In particular, a study published in PLOS one studied 2,235 men for 30 years who adopted five different healthy lifestyle habits.

The results showed that the participants, at the end of the study, were 60 per cent less likely to suffer from dementia or any other mental disorder.

However, you might be wondering as to what exactly do we mean by both mental and physical exercise. Well, here you will find the many types of simple exercises that you can do to improve your brain function.



Exercise your memory by recalling things


Boosting your memory is quite easy if one performs simple recollection tasks every day. That is, one may try remembering things on a daily basis and as such, allow the brain to develop better connections that improve memory.

You may simply prepare a to-do list each morning and then try recalling the things you wrote later in the day. You may start off by memorizing the list and then try remembering the items later.

The more items you remember, the better your memory gets.









Solve little math problems everyday


Remember the time when you used to hate your math homework; in reality though, those little math problems that you used to solve are actually useful in boosting the brain’s cognitive function.

Solving problems is one of the best ways to allow your brain to build new connections within and as such improve the many functions that the brain performs.

You may begin by taking a math book and start solving arithmetic problems by finding out new patterns and seeing how everything connects. You may also try calculating large numbers mentally rather than using a calculator.







Play a sport that uses both your mental and physical abilities

Sports like tennis, badminton and ping pong require you to stay incredibly alert and focused so that you can act in the spur of the moment.

Such sports activities boost your reflex functions significantly and allow you to train your brain to control your entire body in line with the situation.

In conclusion, the best way to boost your brain function is to keep learning new things and keep solving problems. However, always make sure that you are having fun and enjoying the activity you are doing since it is no use if the activity is stressful and boring.